The Many Types of Airsoft Guns

Shooting sport is an informal collective group of recreational and competitive sporting activities involving skill tests of accuracy, speed and accuracy in shooting – the art of using different types of arched-loaded long ranged weapons, mostly referring to crossbows and man-portable firearms. It is typically associated with hunting, sportsmen and other outdoor enthusiasts. Although most of us think that archery, paintball and target shooting are the three most popular shooting sports, they are not the only ones; there are some other popular types of shooting sports that you might have never heard of. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at each of the following popular types of shooting sport:

Archery: This is one of the oldest shooting sports. In this sport, one shoots arrows (usually made of wood) at a pre-determined distance (often up to 200 yards). Most people who play archery today do it as a sport but there is also some traditional archery involved. The most common types of archery equipment that you can use are bows, quivers and other accessories. Archers usually aim at a predetermined point on the target and aim for a distance (the ‘distance’ that the arrow reaches from the start to the end of its flight).

Paintball: Paintball has gained popularity over the years as a recreational and competitive sport. Although most people associate paintball with the action-packed action movies featuring the characters, in reality, the game itself is more relaxing and is suitable for all age groups.

Airsoft: This is a sport that is highly realistic in terms of game play. It is basically a game of skirmishing, whereby two or more people, or teams, compete against each other in a team-based game. Although airsoft guns (the most commonly used type) are the same ones used in real combat situations, they are generally less powerful and are not capable of killing a person.

Airsoft gun, airsoft pellets and airsoft BBs: Airsoft is basically composed of a series of compressed air (usually from gas cylinders) with an airsoft BB (a small ball) inside it. The players of this type of shooting sport shoot with their airsoft guns at one another using an airsoft BB as their bullet. The most common airsoft type of gun is the airsoft pistol. which is also commonly used for competition in tournaments and training. There is also the Airsoft rifle, which is very similar to the regular rifle but has a more powerful spring and is more effective in hitting its target.

Airsoft pistol, airsoft pellets and airsoft BBs: Airsoft pistols are used in this type of shooting sport for the same reason as the rifle: to hit a moving target with a BB. However, because of their size and portability, they are much more popular than the rifle. They are also used for competition purposes. They are smaller in size and usually are very light weight and easy to carry, unlike rifles which may be very large.

Airsoft Shotguns: These are slightly larger and more powerful than the standard shotgun and are used mainly for competitions or target practice. Although these are considered to be more powerful, unlike the rifle, they still tend to weigh a lot less than the airsoft pistol. These are usually used for hunting in more rural environments. Some airsoft shotguns are even so small that they can be carried as backpacks.

Hunting: Although not directly related to the aforementioned shooting sport, it does share some similarities with it. This is a recreational shooting sport in which hunters use non-lethal weapons to either kill or disable their targets. There are many different types of hunting guns and a huge variety of hunting methods to use them on.